I can lose myself in a drawing or a painting. The beauty found in a simple yet unique design combined with a truth of nature and outpouring of feeling can hold my attention for hours. I can revisit those paintings and drawings at different stages of my life, let myself become absorbed and find new meaning each time. They are spine tingling.
I aspire to activate individual creativity in others, through communicating my visual thoughts and emotions. I started my artistic journey in 2016, studying the craft of painting classical realism in Florence; I intend to develop this craft over my lifetime, with an emphasis on beauty and humanism like the ‘Old Masters’ who inspired me. Since returning to Devon I am evolving my own voice and ideas. I believe the relationship between art, community and nature is critical in supporting the emotional infrastructure of society and promoting a diverse and healthy culture. I hope through art, to connect people with the unique world before us and provide an opportunity for others to fall in love with it as I have
We live in an age of the instant image – a partial truth – but to study nature and humanity over time, to really look at it and question it, you not only reveal its structure and form, but its energy and soul. 
I hope you will accompany me on this journey of observation, appreciation and interpretation of our moment in time. Gemma.
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